Ending visual “The Fabric LAMA” from dizi on Vimeo.

this visual is dedicated to LAMA in South America.
music by Iwan Harlan”Cote D’azur Connection”

The Fabric Creator : El Dorado from dizi on Vimeo.

고대 잉카의 “창조의 신”을 잉카의 직물과 연관지어 “패브릭 창조의 신”으로 재구성하였다.

dorothy in a dream from dizi on Vimeo.

dorothy met her best friends in a dream.

Leader film for misen en scene short film festival 2013 from dizi on Vimeo.

미장센영화제 2013 리더필름.
비정성시,사랑에 관한 짧은 필름,희극지왕,절대악몽,4만번의 구타 라는
쟝르를 대표하는 인물을 마네킹에 매핑시켜 타이틀과 함께 마무리.

video,mapping,sound all artwork by DIZI

leader film for Mise-en-scene short film festival 2013 KOREA. from dizi on Vimeo.

visual mapping&sound mix all artworks by DIZI. Riu
photograph by DIZI.Riu & Lee younghoon.

Mise-en-scene short film festival is one of the most presigious short film festival in Korea.
Mise-en-scene short film festival differentiates itself from the short film festivals by trying a new concept that short films can also be categorized into a genre!

Show Video Clip : KPOP NONSTOP LIVE in SAPPORO 2012 in Sapporo 2012 from dizi on Vimeo.

INTRO animation & bridge animation for KPOP NONSTOP LIVE in SAPPORO 2012.
all artwork by Riu daeyoung & 3D work by Song soyeon.